Suzani Kaftan

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We are delighted to represent absolutely beautiful and charming antique handmade embroidered suzani dress. Condition - vintage item, however the item is in very good condition.

The term «suzani» («needle», «to sew by a needle») comes from the Tadjik language «suzan» - "needle". Suzani, suzane, is the decoratively embroidered panel on either a white or colored cotton or silk fabric, widespread among the people of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and used as an interior decoration item. Suzani was part of the bride's compulsory dowry. Traditionally, embroidery began at the birth of the daughter and continued until the bride's dowry had not been fully collected. However, the domestic use of such embroideries also had a ritual character related to ancient beliefs in the national consciousness: embroideries as a whole, and their separate patterns in the representation of people had a magical character, served for a young couple as a talisman against evil spirits that could harm. Suzani's key designs are nests, flowers, bird images, ancient magical symbols.
Suzani has many classifications, such as:
Joynomoz - a rug for a prayer - prayer should not be done on a bare floor
Bolinpush - a cover for pillows
Bishikpush - a shed for a crib
Ruijo - a bed surface (a sheet for the marriage ceremony that put on a couple's bed I am married mind)
Zardevor - the embroidered friezes to decorate the upper part of the walls of a room
Bugdjoma - outerwear and bedding
Gulkurpa - one of the two basic types of Tashkent suzani, where the ornaments are found freely and represent a blossoming bush or branch
Kirpech - the vertical embroidery intended for the curtain of an average narrow niche.
Nimsuzani- the small decorative embroidery, used for wall decoration
Sandalipush - a drape, which covered the tea table
and many other wonderful hand and machine embroideries that you can see if you take a look at our articles.

Hand washing is not recommended, the products may deteriorate, only special dry cleaning is recommended.


top to bottom: 140cm

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