When selecting a scarf, what are the good colors for my skin tone ?

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When selecting a scarf, what are the good colors for my skin tone?

If you really want to look your best, before going to buy scarves, visit a color expert and analyze your skin tone. If that is out of the question, another alternative is to go shopping and try on the same outfit or similar in different colors (one or two colors of each season) to see which colors look best on your complexion. If you look absolutely wonderful in a black suit and a white shirt, you're probably a winter (blue background tones). If you look good in orange, almost certainly you are a fall (reddish skin tones). Now all you have to do is choose the colors of the scarves that improve their appearance and give life to your complexion. When it comes to customizing an outfit with a scarf, knowing your colors makes all the difference.

Note: Skin tones are divided into two temperatures, cool and warm. There are 5 subcategories or seasons: Fair , Medium . Warm , Tan and Deep . 

Fair : for this complexion, the background tones are warm, pale yellow or peach color. The skin is clear and the color of the hair is usually blond or one of its shades (strawberry, golden, brown). There are exceptions, sometimes women with dark complexions can be summers. The eyes are light blue, deep blue, aqua, green, light golden brown, brown topaz or hazelnut. The tones that tend to look better on you are also pale instead of dark (black or navy blue). Stay with scarves that are light and / or shades lighter.


Beige or broken white



Silenced orange





Medium : women with summer complexions have cold or blue tones. The color of his skin is fair and his hair is probably ash or light gray, light brown or brown. This group also includes multicultural women with fair complexions with darker hair, but there are exceptions. Your type of skin is fresh with red or pink hues. The eyes are blue, light blue, gray ice, green-green, brown green, blue / brown, pink brown or grayish brown. To look your best, wear pastel colored scarves.



Light green

Pale blue

Pale yellow




Brown gray

Soft white

Warm : The following colors work well for women with red, orange-red, or red-brown hair. The skin tones are warm and reddish with pink, peach or red. The eyes are brown, hazel, light pale green, turquoise blue. This group looks especially attractive in browns, greens, oranges, that is, earthy tones. Because your skin type is warm with reddish hues, it is imperative that you know their colors, since women with red skin nuances or red hair will not go well with a scarf that falls out of their color palette.




Greens (forest, kelly, olive)





Tan & Deep : This skin tone is often associated with African-Americans, Asians or women with dark hair and brown eyes. Winters have cold skin tones with an underlying blue color. The hair is usually brown or black. The eyes are brown, hazel, blue or green. If you are in this group, the colors that combine for you are royal blue, turquoise and black-brown, which does it justice. When you are looking for a new scarf, start with the colors in the following list.

Tan & Deep 



Hot rose


White stark

Brown gray


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